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From Saturday 17 October 2020, a curfew and a lockdown have been imposed in France . The party is over, the curtains come down, our lives are reduced to the rhythm of "commute, work, sleep". Culture is once again among the sectors most heavily impacted by these decisions which seem to be inevitable. We are following up on the #chezmaddalena project that took place during the first confinement. This time it is the whole DOMUS team that actively participates in the projections and in the creation of the participatory performance of the resistance: every evening at 9.30 pm we will read you a little bedtime story before going to sleep. This reading moment will, once again, be projected on the walls of Paris and other cities.






Le catalogue de l'exposition Jardinons les possibles, curatrice Isabelle de Maison Rouge, co-curatrice Ingrid Pux est en ligne :

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Un enregistrement sonore pour raconter mon projet Hiroshima: